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Seattle and a Baycation - 11/19

November was a big month. Firstly, Christine finally got to see the house we bought in Seattle! Until then we'd used photos, facetime, and more trust in me than most marriages would survive. We had the roof repaired and a great family are moving in.

We stayed with our incredibly generous friends Daniel and Angela at their place in Seattle - we've been like freeloading roommates and appreciate them so much. We also got to see Christine's family friends in East Seattle for Chinese food and boba - they're an awesome crew.

Getting back to the bay, it was my last week at Amplitude. Christine cooked prime rib and we had my team over for dinner. We drank plenty of wine and I'm sure there were a few sore heads the next day. We headed down to Los Gatos to spend some time with the Yang family at the weekend and went to our regular Sushi haunt Kusakabe.

Here are some of the songs we heard:

And some photos:

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