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"When you've reached the top, send the elevator back down for others" - Edith Piaf

I'm not at the top, more like 3rd floor of the Burj Kalifa, but through a lot of luck, I've been early-stage at two unicorns and landed in Venture Capital. To get here some amazing people have taught me a lot over 10+ years. Want to ‘send the elevator back down’ by sharing learnings and observations. *Subscribe to stay up to date*

Currently: BD @ GGV Capital - Formerly: Amplitude, Optimizely, American Express

  • Tai Rattigan

Truffles in Milano - 09/19

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

September took me and Christine to Milan, Italy on a short weekend trip. What I loved about Milan was it had all of the style, arguable more, of Paris but none of the snobby attitude. Restaurants, boutiques, and bars were warm and welcoming. The food was amazing - lots of good pasta and generous truffle portions.

The musical highlight was discovering the band Jungle, I know pretty late on that one, while in a cool boutique where they had 60% off an amazing olive green double-breasted blazer.

These are some of the songs we heard while out and about in the city:

And some pictures: